Thursday, June 08, 2006

High Street Maintenance

Where Cockburn Street meets High Street, you find this scene.

The street is totally torn up, and parts are covered with a tent. Between the tents, you can see the edge where the freshly placed cobblestones meet the dirt roadbed.

Check out the size of these cobblestones! They have been dug up, treated, the road leveled, and they are meticulously being replaced, one-by-one. They are being set in a new type of cement. It loks just like dirt to me, its not thick and wet.

The guy picks up a cobblestone (not really cobblestones, because they are round) dips it in one bucket of liquid, dips it in a second bucket of liquid, then sets it carefully in the row along the plumb line and taps it down with a mallet. The guy is bent over the ENTIRE time. I see back problems in his future. Posted by Picasa

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