Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Greenpoint Warehouse Terminal Fire cont.

Pulled back for this shot to give perspective of location. You can see the United Nations building just to the left of the plume of grey smoke. It appears greenish with a light stripe vertical down the south (left) side. It looks tiny in this photo but appears very close in real life.

Stepping up the water on the other side of the warehouses now. this is only a few blocks west of McCarren Park.

You can just see the top of the 59th Street(?) bridge above and to the right of the dark grey smoke. I am smelling more nad smoke inside the loft now. There are loud crahsing noises fo the walls coming down. They seem to be getting more frequent and the buildings structural integrity is gone.

The smoke is getting so thick I can see very little of the actual warehouses. Posted by Picasa

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