Thursday, May 25, 2006

Best pizza in lower manhattan.

Whenever I am in Lower Manhattan these day, I stop in at Majestic Pizza for a slice. It's located on Cortlandt Street, just off off Church St, literally across the street from Ground Zero. Its a no frills kind of place, and you eat your pizza standing or perched on a tall stool.

I heard about Majestic on Penn and Teller's Showtime show "Bullshit". They talked about how the owner was having trouble making it with many fewer customers since 9/11, with the exodus of all the office workers, who used to be in the World Trade Center buildings and others in the immediate area.

Oddly enough, though I lived a few blocks away, I had never tried it. There are so many mediocre pizza places around that I was always reluctant to try a new one. I have always been loyal to Pomodoros in Little Italy on Spring street, which has the MOST delicious Vodka pie slices. But take a look at this slice of pie! Crispy thin crust, and enough tomato t0 actully taste, unlke a lot of other places.

So, I gave Majestic a try, and found it definitely worth supporting. I have been back several times now. We do not want a pizza place of this quality to go out of business! Best pizza in lower manhattan for sure. It is the perfect quick pit stop when you are down at the World Trade Center site, or on a shopping mission at Century 21. Its right next door to one of the side entrances of Century21, so you can't miss it. Happy eating.


HC said...

I'll have to try it on my way home someday. It looks really good.

dori said...

Its dee-li-shus.