Monday, October 02, 2006

Coffee Shop Fashion

Accessories can make the outfit. The girl on the left is wearing a simple black and white t-shirt/sweater combination with jeans, but she has added some amazing touches. A leopard print purse (you can see the handle between her knees) which echoes the pattern of what appear to be camoflauge print boots. She added super large gold hoops and oversize sunglasses to perfectly top off the look.

Next to her, gold ballet flats, and a turquoise say-something necklace make an all black outfit really stand out.

Another glimpse of the leopard purse to the right of her friend, the preppy punk. He has it all going on with a mix of styles including torn jeans, layered t's and pink and brown argyle sweater vest. Its such a great outfit that his hair is giving him a standing ovation. Posted by Picasa

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