Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 2 Greenpoint Terminal Market Fire

Second verse, same as the first. As you can see, the fire is STILL burning, and our loft STILL smells smoky.

New info: Overnight this turned into a 10 alarm fire, yes that's 10 ALARM FIRE. This one will go down in history. The Coast Guard was called in last night to help from the water side. 400+ firefighters have worked over 24 hours now on this blaze. 16 buildings in all were involved.
This morning, you can see the ladders still there shooting water on the smoldering rubble. There is also a new element, in the center of the photo. By the still standing blackened tower, you can see the large orange arm of a machine they brought in to start removing the rubble which has blocked some parts of neighboring roads as the building walls collapsed. Posted by Picasa

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