Monday, May 08, 2006

David in his bubble - good luck tonight!

Everyone has been moved away from the human aquarium for awhile, so I have a less obstructed view.

Here he is standing to stretch his legs.

Hey! Let me out! Hahaha.

Hard not to make fun of the kitschyness of this, until you actually go there and see him. Then you realize, this cannot be easy.

Though I have been very disinterested in this all week, coming here in person has connected me to it in a way that I would not have guessed.

I am not willing to wait in line for a close-up, but I have now changed my mind about watching it on t.v. tonight. I am starting to view him more as an extreme athlete than an illusionist, which makes him easier to relate to.

Hey, we get a wave! Good luck tonight David. Posted by Picasa

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