Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Columbus Circle Detour

The new fountain at Columbus Circle, out in the middle of traffic, is an unexpected oasis from the cars, and the stress of shopping at the Time Warner Center across the street. Please click to enlarge.

This bench is so swervy, curvy, smooth, low and delicious. I love looking at it.
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A homeless person's dream

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Same night at Grand Ferry Park. I can't explain this, unless maybe it was from the photo shoot? Pagan ritual? Regardless, there are one or two naked ducks running around.


Grand ferry park (and garden/er)

Grand ferry park (and garden/er). This guy was tending to the weeds in the garden with his cane. Don't know if it is his garden or not, but helping to make it grow.

Neighbors at Grand Ferry Park

Grooming couple.

Looks like this group (far left) just finished a photo shoot.

More couples

Jewish family

All Williamsburg neighbors

Super lucky tat

Nice bicep too. On the L train to W'burg.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5-part harmony

Walked down into the City Hall subway stop, and heard this great singing around the corner. This is what I saw.

Turns out they got on the next train with me. They had been practicing their 5-part harmony. Here they are, singing for their supper. They were not your average subway entertainers, and people were quite happy to listen to them. Watch for them on the R,W.

Great subway ad. Simulated graffitti.

Great subway ad. Simulated graffitti.

Dmv - again.

I'm not going to lose my temper, i'm not going to lose my temper. . .

I was still in there after 4pm, closing time. I guess once you get your numbered ticket, they stay until you are taken care of, or at least get your turn at the window to be turned away lacking a form, signature, (add your reason here), etc.

I got in trouble for taking this photo. Not sure what they want to hide in here at the DMV. Maybe they are worried about someone memorizing the eye chart? DO NOT memorize the eye chart!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Water taxi beach at long island city

Margaritas, beer, hot dogs.

and beach volleyball, with a tremendous view of the Manhattan skyline.

New state park in Williamsburg

Yeah! A new state park is going in 1 block west of our warehouse loft. Looks like it might be finished in time for summer. Then we will have a season to enjoy the waterfront before all the humongous residential tower projects go in along the river there. More photos to follow later this week.

New state park on north 9th and Kent street.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

15 CPW - starting @ 3 million

another sideways moblog brought to you by dTourist

This thing is growing on the southwest corner of Central Park, just north of Columbus Circle, hence the building's name: 15 CPW. The old Mayflower Hotel was torn down to make way for this new crazy-exclusive stack of condos. Prices start at 3 million.

Real or fake?

Real or fake?

Today's motto

Today's motto

Now i know why they call it greenpoint

Now i know why they call it greenpoint

Genitarea - Art, or Personal ad?

This new apparition in pink was on the freight elevator door of our building's loading dock when I came home one night this past week. As I walked around the next day, I started seeing it elsewhere, as on the fence in the first picture.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

New TALL construction in Williamsburg

I need to find out the story on this building going up on N. 7th. It is insanely tall in comparison to the surrounding neighborhood.

And look how tall the crane is. How high will this go?

These photos all taken from my 4-story high roof.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Jade at East River Bar

Fellow drinkers enjoy the out door patio. How many bars have a slider?

Pool table and bike on the wall (click to enlarge).

East River Bar neighbor.

Sorry Jade. I guess you and your Suicidal Tendencies are going to have to remain sideways.

Jade at east river bar

East River Bar

Decided to check out one of the bars from the previous post of cheap outdoor summer drink venues. Headed to the East River Bar on S. 6TH and Berry, just south of Williamsburg Bridge.

The outdoor drinking area is behind that corrugated metal fence on the right. Its a rustically poetic setting.

Here is the bar itself.

Dig this cool western stained glass piece behind the bar. Posted by Picasa

A Worthy Cause: Cheap Summer Outdoor Drinks

village voice > nyclife > Liquid City by Corina Zappia: "Liquid City
Cheap and Outside
Bars with inexpensive drinks and a backyard
by Corina Zappia
May 12th, 2006 6:12 PM

Summer BBQ at East River
photo: Corina Zappia
New Yorkers who have shelled out for summer drinks at Luna Park or a rooftop hotel bar will at some point ask themselves the very wise question: Why does booze cost more outside? There are no walls. There are no English rose gardens at these places, no topiaries in the shape of Mickey Mouse, nothing that would require an army of gardeners to maintain. The Bud Lite still tastes, unfortunately, like Bud Lite.

There are other options. We gathered together some cheaper alternatives, bars with outdoor patios or gardens and a happy hour that extends at least until 8pm (the sad 4pm-7pm, buck-off deal is a joke, unless you are the 0.0003% of New Yorkers who leave work at three). Add to our list the usual beer gardens—Bohemian Beer Garden, Gowanus Yacht Club—and you have an inexpensive start to the summer.

In Manhattan:

Boxcar Lounge, 168 Ave B, East Village
Boxcar wins our vote for best outdoor happy hour.
The time: Mon-Thurs 6pm-10pm, Fri-Sun 4pm-8pm
The deal: Buy-one-get-one-free (per person) on all drinks except top shelf and a few drafts

(follow the link at the top of the page to continue listings)

Al Roker & young X-Men

Here is Al, introducing the 4 pretty, young X-men movie actors.

Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue, Seasn Ashmore, who plays Ice, Ben Foster, who is Angel, and Ellen Page, who plays Kitty Pride Posted by Picasa

Prize winning Parrotheads

These hats were the best. customized island style volcanoes.

This is art! Posted by Picasa