Saturday, September 30, 2006

Williamsburg Weekend Fashion

Brilliantly coordinated outfit, right down to the berry colored smoothie "accessory". She is also wearing the prerequisite Brooklyn hipster hoodie!
Mother and son duo display the current leggings trend. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 29, 2006

Faile Graffiti in Williamsburg

Notice the Empire State Building on the left in this print.

Faile uses stencils and spray paint to leave this intricate type of image in a hurry but the stencils are are all created by them. Posted by Picasa

Faile on N.6th

See the website for more info on this New York trio.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
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The Brilliance of Banksy

I am a fan of UK based graffiti artist Banksy. Here is some of his work that showed up in Williamsburg on N.6th.

He argues on his website that graffiti should not be illegal. If more people left as inspired art as he does, maybe it wouldn't be.

This series of shots shows how he has brilliantly connected two images through the lime green line on the sidewalk.

The girl jumping rope is in for a shock. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Times Square and Paramount Building

View of Times Square that tourists don't see, from the 30th floor of the Reuters Building, aka 3 Times Square, on 42nd street.

Here is a cool close-up of the top of the Paramount building, which can also be seen from Times Square street level (click on link for that view). The glass globe on top is 6 meters in diameter. It's 1:00! Posted by Picasa

Photos courtesy of TBG.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dogs in Costume

Everyone loves a poodle in a tutu.

The "small white dog" costume was done to death.

In keeping with the theme of ths year's event there were a couple of spacedogs.
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Annual BARC Dog Show

The Dog Show got a late start this past weekend due to intermittent showers, and one real downpour.

Nonetheless, dogs are a hardy bunch, and few went home. The band played right on through the rain, and persuaded the dog owners to stay as well.

Now this is a SHOW family.

The clouds part. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alexander Reykjavik

By populat request, more photos of the Great Dane pup, Alexander Reykjavik. He's 5 months old here.

For more pics of A.R., enter his name in the "search this blog" box on the upper left hand side of the title bar at the very tip top of the blog page.
Reykjavik's impression of Dumbo, the flying elephant, aided by G. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Williamsburg Weekend Fashions

Boots rule here, through this past summer, and now for fall.

Wellies, plus the new longer coat tail look in a fitted sweatshirt style.

Sporadic rain this weekend, so the Wellies were a popular choice. They look great here with shorts, plus, you'll have no dripping pant hems.

Boots with a skirt and tights.

Another fabulous longer coat tail with boots and skinny jeans.
More boots with skinny jeans and long smock. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shopping for fall fashions

Every weekend in Williamsburg, the sidewalks sprout fabulous sales from individual entrepreneurs industriously cleaning out their closets and lining the street with their previously worn wares.

This weekend there seems to be more sales than normal. Perhaps people are editing their clothing collections to make room for the new styles seen during last week's Fall Fashion Week?

Whatever you add becomes part of the art

Privately sponsored participatory sidewalk art project. Pick up a crayon, put your colorful contribution down.

Whatever you add becomes part of the art.

Hope. N.7th sidewalk

Hope. N.7th sidewalk

Friday, September 22, 2006

A fake dog poo review

Given the events of this morning (see "made in china" post below for amazing REAL dog poo), I did a quick web survey of fake dog poo. My intent was to post a few offerings, so you could compare Alexander Reykjavik's real doo to the fake stuff, for the sake of veracity.

Unfortunately, of the ones I tried, I was only able to save this one from to my hard drive.

Here are a couple of the other sights to check out for yourself:

I discovered two things from this search. One, fake dog poop has come along way from the old days when it was so obviously rubber and fake. Now they offer "handmade" poo, to ensure that every pile is a unique masterpiece.

Second, fake dog poo is a HUGE industry now.

Oh, and a third, ironic point, much of the fancy new stuff is made in America, not China. It's something I always picture with a "made in china" label though . . . not that I always picture fake poo.

And just for the sake of completeness, in case you wonder how the "made in china" kind of event happens, here is an informational essay on website:
(You may not want to read this right after lunch.)

This is a long, but sometimes brilliant article, especially toward the bottom half where it gets into the cultural and humorous aspects of dog poo. There is funny, quirky stuff, especially the Mini Swirls cereal. (I think our photos should be posted in the article as well;) Posted by Picasa

"Made In China" dog poo

Here is our unbelievably photogenic Great Dane puppy, Alexander Reykjavik.

I have the unglamorous job of taking him out to "go" every morning. This morning, as I bent over to pick up the second of this morning's "efforts" as it plopped on the sidewalk, I saw something I could NOT believe.

At first, it seems to be normal dog droppings, except for what appears to be . . . a label?
To set the record straight, I, the constant photoblogger, did not have my camera or cameraphone with me this morning. I knew I HAD to capture this image, or no one would believe it. I debated tying Alexander Reykjavik up next to the doo, in the hopes that would prevent anyone from removing it while I went upstairs to get the camera, but decided, him being a dog, that he might remove it himself. I chose to run upstairs with him, grab my camera, and run back down to get the shot (this happened right in front of my building).

Luckily(?), no one had touched the little piece of avant garde art, and I was able to document it.

The title of this piece has to be "Made in Reykjavik, not China"

The "flower" setting on my camera did a great job on the label close-up. I swear upon whatever you choose most sacred that this REALLY came out upon the sidewalk this way. How did the sticker end up on the outside of the poo, and on the top side of it as it hit the ground.? I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. I came back in the house and started looking for missing dog toys . . .

The greatest irony of this whole thing, is that just this week I was reading in Time Out New York (TONY), the September 21-27 issue, page 10, about this group called the sprinklebrigade ( This is a group that goes around decorating dog poop that has been left on the sidewalk, an activity I found quirky and amusing, but somewhat of an unappealing hobby. Had I not seen this little nugget exit my dog, I would have attributed this occurrence to them, though they haunt Chelsea and the Tompkins Square area, according to the article. I am definitely sending them a link to this post! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Contrast on the L subway

See the guy on the right? You'll have to click this picture to enlarge it and get a good look at his watch. This guy is dressed in the most casual of clothes, with plain jeans, blank, layered t-shirts, unremarkable shoes . . . and a beautiful glossy MOVADO watch. While the rest of his outfit whispers Williamsburg hipster/slacker, his watch screams high-paying job (or great gifting friend). This type of contrast is becoming more and more common on the L train.