Friday, September 22, 2006

"Made In China" dog poo

Here is our unbelievably photogenic Great Dane puppy, Alexander Reykjavik.

I have the unglamorous job of taking him out to "go" every morning. This morning, as I bent over to pick up the second of this morning's "efforts" as it plopped on the sidewalk, I saw something I could NOT believe.

At first, it seems to be normal dog droppings, except for what appears to be . . . a label?
To set the record straight, I, the constant photoblogger, did not have my camera or cameraphone with me this morning. I knew I HAD to capture this image, or no one would believe it. I debated tying Alexander Reykjavik up next to the doo, in the hopes that would prevent anyone from removing it while I went upstairs to get the camera, but decided, him being a dog, that he might remove it himself. I chose to run upstairs with him, grab my camera, and run back down to get the shot (this happened right in front of my building).

Luckily(?), no one had touched the little piece of avant garde art, and I was able to document it.

The title of this piece has to be "Made in Reykjavik, not China"

The "flower" setting on my camera did a great job on the label close-up. I swear upon whatever you choose most sacred that this REALLY came out upon the sidewalk this way. How did the sticker end up on the outside of the poo, and on the top side of it as it hit the ground.? I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. I came back in the house and started looking for missing dog toys . . .

The greatest irony of this whole thing, is that just this week I was reading in Time Out New York (TONY), the September 21-27 issue, page 10, about this group called the sprinklebrigade ( This is a group that goes around decorating dog poop that has been left on the sidewalk, an activity I found quirky and amusing, but somewhat of an unappealing hobby. Had I not seen this little nugget exit my dog, I would have attributed this occurrence to them, though they haunt Chelsea and the Tompkins Square area, according to the article. I am definitely sending them a link to this post! Posted by Picasa

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