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Beach Tower View - Atlantis

Pretty spectacular view, even at night, from our balcony in the Beach Tower. The beach is just beyond the warmly lighted area in the upper right. A cool teal pool is in the background, while the foreground water is filled with native fish, including several small hammerhead shark which we can see constantly swimming around.
Off to the left is the other towers of the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas.
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Green Parrot at Hurricane Hole

One of my favorite stops in the Bahamas, The Green Parrot in Hurricane Hole. Catch of the Day today was Mahi, Mahi, and Margaritas. The bars in Atlantis pale in comparison to this place, yet it is within walking distance, ans sits right on the harbor.

One of the people I talked to here is an engineer, who works on the the crew of the 136 ft boat in this photo (barely visible, middle left). Cool to moor right next to a bar like this. Cool to drink right next to a boat like this.


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Yes, in middlebury vt.

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war protest

In the middle of middle of middlebury.

vt cat